More posts to come!

The other night i looked at the hit statistics for my website as a whole, and was a bit surprised to find this blog is far and away the most popular section! (The only thing getting anywhere near as many hits was my porn webcomic Agent Smoke, for obvious reasons). So not to let down my loyal readers i’ll begin working on some new posts over Christmas hopefully.

┬áThe sad closure of Borders has allowed my collection to expand with some nagging items i have been putting off buying, including a Classical Comics book (Which is not “Classics from the comics” or “Classics illustrated” but something different – classic stories drawn in long comic strip form rather than the condensed form of Classics Illustrated, with full colour artwork rather than bright primary colours). I hadn’t realised they were available in shops and will be collecting some more – The good thing about these is there’s three versions, the original text, a “modernised” text which still follows the original, and a “simplified” version that tells the story in easy language. I think i’ll be going for the middle-of-the-road modernised ones for Shakespeare and the original text for 19th century stuff.

I’ve also gotten a few more of the big Commando volumes, “The Adventures of Jane”, the iconic 1940’s “pin up” strip (factoid: she first got properly naked on D-day!) and some Roy of the Rovers books.