Good news from Classics Illustrated!

Well, i’ve been meaning to make this post after my “christmas” post reviewing the 1914 Christmas issue of The Union Jack. But as that post is taking time to get written (or started) and as we’re nearing the end of the month i suppose i’d better make this one.Basically every issue of Classics Illustrated carries a small preview of the next issue on the back cover, and the preview of next month’s issue, Macbeth, looks as if they are either using the original colouring, or else thier “modern recolouring” is going to be done a lot more skilfully than it has been:

classics 1

When Classics Illustrated’s re-publication was first announced there was no small amount of controversy (well, OK, a few annoyed posters on Comics UK) that the artwork was going to be re-coloured in a “new, modern way”. This meant horrible bright primary colours that destroyed some of the finer line-work and made a lot of the art look needlessley cartoonish. Just take this scene from Jane Eyre, it’s supposed to be her discovery of burned-out ruins on a bleak moorside, but looks like something from a western!

classics 2