An unusual book…

I was doing a general search for “Boys Illustrated” or something on Ebay when I came across a strange-looking book. It is primarily full of text stories illustrated in line:


Is the sea supposed to be covered in trees and racing towards us?

Though it does also have one comic strip, which is in the “picture story paper” style of images with large captions underneath:


It’s not all sailing stories the pictures just ended up that way XD

Ah so it’s clearly one of those generic Dean annuals from the 30’s – 50’s, then? Well you’re half right!


One of those fonts looks more like it’s from the 1830-50’s!

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that it features a Ford Anglia and a Mini Clubman being banger raced… because this book is actually from 1973! It doesn’t appear to be reprints, either, as stories of jungle adventures are about people writing a book rather than people building an empire. Also a story involving an Austin 7 describes it as “40 years old”. Still it’s strange to think that kids who may have got this for Christmas were reading Action only 3 years later!

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