Comic Football

I’ve had a week off work so you’d think I would have made an update eh? In fact I’ve not done much of anything all week. This is your future, kids!

Anyway, I’ve just now taken a subscription to the newest British comic! It’s called Comic Football and uses the DFC’s subscription only method, but being monthly a whole year’s subscription is only £19.50! That’s cheaper than 3 issues of Spaceship Away!


Only picture I could find!

The website, used to have a lot more on it, but appears now to just be a couple of sample gag strips, a buy page and a non-working “shop”. Anyway, from what I remember of the old and actually informative website this is more like a football-related version of the modern Dandy than Roy of the Rovers or the ill-fated Striker. I also expect most of the jokes will go right over my head!

But with that said it’s still a new British comic, and at the price you can’t really say no. There is also a 6-month subscription available and right now you can download the first issue for free! Any new comic is a brave venture and well worth supporting, so erm, step up to the spot and score a penalty and don’t send it for an early bath. Or something.

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