Two new items…

I finally got around to going book/comic shopping in Lincoln after i came back, it’s a real gold mine for antique/second hand bookshops (though apparently there was a brillaint place for comics that closed down 10 years ago!). My wallet was decidedly light, though, but i still found a couple of interesting things…

Look-In, Best of the Seventies

Look-in best of the seventies

Bought from The Works, a bargain bookshop which has sprung up in ‘recent’ years. Some of the books it has has alternate “cheaper” (though usually barely any difference in quality) designs. This being one example (the normal version was yellow and actually said “Best of the Seventies” on it), the Commando books being others. Still they where evidently fed up of tripping over these (and had a huge amount of new stock in, sat all over the shop still in it’s boxes) so have reduced it to the “you can’t say no” price of £1.99!

Look in best of the 70’s - 01

The book reproduces both features (which where (I)TV and pop music related) and comic strips. Obviously the comics are what i care about, but here is a look at a feature, about the saturday morning shows, namely Tiswas, hosted by one Chris Tarrant (shown here, with hair, pouring some tea), who later became famous for hosting “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”. In those days “Regional TV” really was regional, and a guide right at the back of the book (or ‘from 8 years later’ as this covers a whole decade) only shows Tiswas being available in certain areas. One region didn’t get any programmes on a Sunday!

Look in best of the 70’s - 02

Several comic serials are reproduced in the book, mercifully with a full storyline intact. This one is Black Beauty, with gorgeous artwork. It remains uncredited but resembles the art used on The Trigan Empire (by Don Lawrence). However it also puts me in mind of Frank Bellamy, who worked on Thunderbirds for an older TV related comic called TV21. Both are amongst the finest comic artists that ever held a pencil.

Look in best of the 70’s - 03

Look-In was, due to rights issues, restricted to talking about ITV shows in the main. But this extended to foreign shows which appeared in ITV, such as this Bionic Woman strip. 

Look in best of the 70’s - 04

There where shorter 1-2 page humour strips based on comedy shows of the day too. On the Buses was hardly intended as a kid’s show, but kids watched it and this is reflected in the comic. However the bawdy humour of the show is replaced by lighter slapstick here.

splendid book for boys -01

I also found this for a mere £4. It’s an un-dated adventure story book, but the stories about foiling Nazi spies suggests it is from the 1940’s. A previous owner has decided to draw mustaches on every single person in the illustrations which probably helped to reduce the price. The stories are typical boy’s own fare about spies, secret passages, motor racing and boarding schools.

splendid book for boys -02

The book has just over 150 pages which are on rather thick paper, there is also a single coloured plate and several full-page line illustrations.Birn Brothers” is the only publishing information given. “Dean & Sons”, who took over Chatterbox annuals in the mid 30’s, where similarly enigmatic with regard to dating thier books.