Petunia Rascal


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This is one of my favourite titles in the small press today. Probably because it’s the one that’s closest to ‘proper’ British comics, especially the modern-day Dandy! Petunia is the boss of her “crew”, the Skate Pirates which also includes Bill Pukes (the dumb one) and Jolly Rodney (the straight man). Other characters include a witch that lives under the sea and a giant eel!


Among other talking sea life

The first story in this book involves Petunia running afoul of the witch while skating at the market. She tries to escape by skating into the sea… like ya do. The second story is even better, as Petunia and her pirates decide to get revenge on snack companies that have put 10p crisps up to 45p!


Remember the ones with wheels?

In addition to this there has been a tiny free comic called “Do the Conger Bomba” (online here) and right now you can read an advent calendar comic that’s being updated every day until Christmas eve. Oh and it’s in colour!


I do beleive this page contains cameo appearances

While I’m on the subject of the small press, I’m intending to create two small, irregular comic magazines. Hopefully with the first issues of both ready to go over Christmas. The first is to be called The Sentinel, and I’ll have more on that in a later post. The second, though, will be called The Small Press Digest and will feature ‘reviews’ (more like descriptions, so people can choose what they will like themselves), how-to articles and short stories/comic strips. Contributions are welcomed!

But for now…